"How to Nurture
Your Couple Relationship"

From Our 2nd Step Dating Teleseminar

Following from our first teleconference on STEP DATING – What Everyone Needs to Know, where we talked a lot about the challenging dynamics in step dating as well as in stepfamilies, we’ve had several participants who inquired - HOW DO WE ACTUALLY have the relationship now that we know so many of the challenges? In answer to that, we decided to have a teleconference on just that – How to Have and Nurture your Step Dating Relationship. 

Here's what you get:

  • Step Dating Report II
    E-book by Yvonne Kelly discussing How to Nurture Your Couple Relationship .

    Step Dating Report
    PLUS the following five teleseminar resources...

  • How to Nurture Your Couple Relationship
    Ninety minute recording of our 2nd Teleseminar
  • Conscious Dating
    A 13-point Checklist for Single Parents
  • Dating A Single Parent
    Self-Assessment Tool + Recommendations
  • Pre-Committment Checklist
    3-page Assessment Tool w/ Recommendations
  • The Ten Stages from Divorce Recovery thru to Remarriage
    A Brief Description of Each Stage + Timeframes

Yvonne Kelly
"Please take advantage of the recording and resource tools this eye-opening event offered and learn what you can do to have a meaningful step dating relationship and future," says Yvonne Kelly, Founder and Co-Director of The Step & Blended Family Institute.

Yvonne has been working exclusively with Step Dating Couples and Blended Families for years and is committed to providing the education, support and counseling necessary to help couples create meaningful relationships and families the second time around. Divorce and separation do not have to be the only option. Awareness of the issues and support to make the right choices in the beginning, can be the difference between success and failure.